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The quota calculation as well as the payment of the travel expenses will be done according to the World Ranking List which is established according to the following criteria: 

- The points system is the same as for the World Cup ranking (1st rank 100 points, 30th rank 1 point).

- The competition results of the periods of the past World Cup season will gradually be replaced by the competition results of the periods of the current World Cup season.

- This updating procedure is repeated after each of the periods, so that the 5 most current periods are used to calculate the World Ranking List.

- In addition, the competition results of the SGP will be considered for the calculation of the nations quota.

- The top 55 competitors of this World Ranking List will be taken into consideration for the quota.

- The nations' quota is valid for the entire period that follows and is not affected by actual competition results.


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