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Оценки за стиль

The Judges must judge the outer appearance of the succession of the jumpers movements, from the end of the take off to the passing of the „fall line“ in the outrun, from the aspect of precision (timing of takeoff), perfection (carrying out of the movements), stability (flight-position, outrun) and general impression.

The calculated points that should be given for the ideal performance of the jump are concerned with the

− utilisation of the aerodynamic efficiency of body and ski 
− posture of arms and legs, as well as ski position during flight 
− succession of movements during landing and 
− conduct during outrun.

Also, flight, landing and outrun should convey an aesthetic overall impression. The point deduction for faults and deficiencies must be carried out according to the three groups of appearance of the successions of the jumpers movements: flight, landing and outrun. The judges have to submit their point deductions separately according to the three groups; flight, landing and outrun.

With the distance points and the compensation for the wind- and gate-factor, the judges' points result in the total points.

Total points

Distance points