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Фактор ворот ("гейт" фактор)

Since Summer 2009 the jury can change the length of the inrun during a qualification- or competition round without making a restard necessary. This shall give the jury more possibilities to react to changing conditions.

The coaches can also change the length of the inrun for their athletes, but in opposite to the jury, they can only reduce, what shall mainly serve as a safety measure.  

In order to compensate for the changed inrun-length a jumpers gets points deducted or added, depending on whether the gate was moved up or down. These points are calculated based on a certain formula that is adjusted to every hill individualy. 

If the inrun is reduced by the coach, the respective athlete as to jump on at least 95 % of the hill size, if he is not able to reach this distance, the athlete will not get the gate compensation points for the shorter inrun. 

One additional meter of inrun on a large hill translates into about 5 m more flight. The difference between the gates is between 60 cm to 70 cm on most jumps. If one meter inrun means 5 m more distance, that means that changing the inrun by 60 cm results in a difference in jumped distance of 60 % of the f value.



If the bar for jumper B is moved 50 cm lower compared to jumper A due to headwind, a further 4.5 points will be added to his total. (50 % of 1 m inrun/5m jumping distance is 2.5 x 1.8 points (meter value) = 4.5 points).

If the bar for jumper C is moved 50 cm higher compared to jumper A due to tailwind, 4.5 points would be deducted from his total.