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Защита для спины

The back protector is an additional item of equipment, which protects the athlete’s back against external forces. It has to be worn on the back only. Specifications of the back protector The material of the protector consists of visco elastic soft foam with outstanding shock absorption values according to EC EN1621-2:2014 with given form.

The back protector must adapt to the anatomical bend of the athlete’s spine and lie flat against the body in upright position. The maximum size and thickness must conform to the performance level 1 or 2. The thickness reduces at the edges of the back protector. Designs with the view to improve the aerodynamic efficiency are forbidden. The back protector must be worn in an adequate pocket in the underwear suit and is removable. The pocket is an integrated part of the under- wear suit.

Sizes of back protectors:

  for body seize
S 120 - 140 cm
M 135 - 155 cm
ML 150 - 170 cm
L 165 - 185 cm
XL 180 - 205 cm