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Командное Турне ФИС

The FIS Team Tour took place for the first time in 2009, the, so far, last edition of this event was held in 2013.

Five competitions (3 individual and 2 team events) in three different locations will be held. 
All five competitions are part of the FIS World-Cup and count for the overall World-Cup and Nations Cup.

FIS Team Tour ranking
Overall winner will be a team, not an individual athlete.

Points from the two team competitions: 
From the two team competitions in Willingen and Oberstdorf, all points of a team go into the ranking. A team consists of four jumpers, every jumper of the best eight nations will be in the ranking with two jumps. 

Points from the three individual competitions:
From the individual competitions (two rounds each) in Willingen, Klingenthal and Oberstdorf, the points of the two best jumpers of a nation count.
The FIS Team Tour-Champions will be crowned after the fifth event, the team competition in Oberstdorf. They will be awarded with an extra price money of € 100 000,- and the FIS Team Tour-Trophy.
How this price money is divided, is decided by the winning team. 

In total there will be a price money of CHF 500 000,- at the FIS Team Tour.


Website: www.fis-team-tour.de