Victory for Sara Takanashi

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After the victory of the Norwegian team in front of their home crowd, Japanese Sara Takanashi stood on top of the podium in the individual competition in Lillehammer and crowned herself the first World cup winner of the new season. The second and third place went to last year's overall World Cup champion Sarah Hendrickson (USA) and local hero Anette Sagen (NOR).

The premiere of the mixed-team competiton on Friday was influenced by wint and rain, the temperatures now got colder in the Olympic city of 1994 and also the wind conditions were easier. This guaranteed that the first individual competition at the World Cup opener could be carried out smoothly and Sara Takanashi was the well-deserved winner. With jumps on 96 m and 98 m (265,2 points) she won a close competition against her opponents of the USA and Norway. "This is a perfect weekend for me. Yesterday I was very happy about the podium finish with my team and today I'm on top. My jumps were good and the conditions were too. I'm very happy and now I'm looking forward to the next competitions in Sochi", the winner told.


Sarah Hendrickson, who was in the lead after the first round with 98.5 m, jumped on 95 m in the final (261.4 points) and could not keep up with her Japanese rival. For Hendrickson this podium result is an impressive comeback after she was sidelined for a long time in spring due to a knee surgery. "After the wind and rain yesterday it was great to come to the hill under sunshine. It was a great day for ski jumping and I'm absolutely satisfied wtih my performance", said the 18-year-old US American.


For Norwegian Anette Sagen this was also a great World Cup weekend. After the win in the mixed team competition, show was also on the podium today. With 99.5 m she was second after the first round, and with 97 m in the final (258.9 points) she came in third overall. "Of course I had a great day at the hill today, I had three really good jumps. I was nervous after my fall yesterday, but it went great. In my opinion this was an extremely good competition. I hope that the spectators enjoyed it as well", a happy Anette Sagen said midst the home crowd.


The spectators today also saw a very good performances by Germany's Carina Vogt, who was eighth after the first round and could move up four places and finished fourth followed by Italian Evelyn Insam who presented herself in a strong shape in Lillehammer and could show the longest jump of the day with 103 m. Today's Top 10 were completed by Daniela Iraschko (AUT), Coline Mattel (FRA), Lindsey Van (USA), Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT) and Katja Pozun. This means jumpers of eight nations were among the best 10. It was not a good day for Alexandra Pretorius, the suprising winner of the event in Courchevel this summer. She was disqualified because her suit did not meet the requirements.


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